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Automated Tank Cleaning Machines — MudHog

  • PMI's Automated Mud Tank Cleaning System is a highly innovative process for cleaning mud tanks on marine supply vessels, mud pits on drilling rigs, and portable containers used in drilling and production.
  • The efficiency of the MudHog Process consistently reduces downtime in marine and rig fleets for our customers.
  • While typical conventional mud tank cleaning or competitors automated cleaning systems run multiple days, especially on deep-water vessels, the MudHog process typically shrinks the timeline to 24 to 48 hours making it consistently predictable.
  • Value is created for our customers through increased efficiency in their logistics and transportation groups as well as reducing their operating cost.
  • PMI has been using the MudHog System as its primary method for cleaning mud tanks for over 4 years on over 200 Marine Supply Vessels and Barges for over 15 different customers, including four Major Oil & Gas producers.

Features and Advantages of MudHog System

  • Eliminates extensive man-hours in confined spaces
  • Cost effective - performed at conventional contract rates
  • Wash water disposal cost greatly reduced
  • Portability of unit - clean at any designated waste transfer station
  • Creates a safe job site work environment
    • Reduces manpower
    • Less equipment clutter