Annualar Cuttings Box Feed Inlet








Time matters to us. PMI utilizes cutting edge technology in conjunction with custom designed software to effectively track assets both locally and globally.


Reliability matters to us. By incorporating new technologies we have eliminated unnecessary components requiring less maintenance allowing personnel to focus primarily on what we were hired to do!



PMI was challenged to find createive solutions to increase performance and to reduce HSE related discharge incidents with solids controls operations.


The Solution is Available!



Back and Hand Injuries Rank #1 & 2 in Bodily Components Injured at Work

20% of all Workplace Injuries are Back Injuries

15% of all Workplace Injuries are Lacerations to the Hand

Injuries are Costly = $26,384 per Claim


PMI introduced a "New" Annular Cuttings Box Feed Inlet with solution driven results with cuttings box solutions and equipment:

• Drilled Cuttings Conveyance Equipment
• Cuttings Dryers and Drying Shakers
• Automated Tank & Vessel Cleaning
• Rig Vacs & Pressure Washers
• Variable Speed Centrifuges
• Cargo Carrying Equipment
• Automated Rig Cleaning
• Dockside Services
• Dewatering
• Rentals


Zero discharge.

Increased performance

Reduced Health, Safety & Environment related discharge incidients

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