PMI Team


Bob Luke, General Manager

Bob luke

General Manager

Richie Guillory Division Manager - Gulf of Mexico

Richie Guillory

Division Manager - Gulf of Mexico

Rodney Price, Mid-Continent Manager

Rodney Price

Mid-Continent Manager

Jamie Holt, Operations & Safety Quality Manager

Jamie Holt

Operations & Safety Quality Manager

Lynn Gros, Admin Manager & Controller

Lynn Gros

Admin Manager & Controller

Chris Landry, PMI Sales

Chris Landry

Business Development Manager

Ronnie Morgel, Offshore Rig Cleaning, Shorebase Ops Manager

Ronald Morgel

Offshore Services Mgr.


Shannon Clement

Sr Project Manager, Offshore Services

Joey Templet, Solids Control Manager

Joey Templet

Solids Control Manager

Cheyenne Burns, Quality Assurance Spuervisor & LA Accounts Manager

Cheyenne Burns

LA Accounts Mgr

Jay Esteve, Corporate Sales

Jay Esteve

Corporate Sales

Jeremy Smith, Texas Accounts Manager

Jeremy Smith

Texas Accounts Manager

Greg Leger, Fourchon Accounts Manager

Greg Leger

Fourchon Accounts Manager

Ralph Breaux, Louisiana Accounts Manager

Ralph Breaux

Fourchon Facilities Manager

Barney Welch, Midland Sales

Barney Welch

Midland Sales

Russ Greer, PMI Sales

Russ Greer

PMI Sales