Careers at PMI Energy Services

Production Management Industries, LLC. offers many career opportunities to individuals with stable backgrounds and who are willing to work safely. Positions are available for the onshore and offshore operations. Qualified candidates must complete the entry process including examination of work history and successful completion of drug and alcohol test. All PMI employees will follow all Production Management Industries safe work practices taught in orientation and practice these methods in the field.

Listed below please find a brief synopsis of experience and skill levels required to qualify. If you have the desire to work at a first-class environmental service company and you possess the skills mentioned below, please and fill out an online application.

Offshore Supervision/Project Managers

PMI is seeking offshore Supervisor/Project managers with at least 5 years experience.

  1. Must have directed shut-in type work of all production processes
  2. Should be proficient in Microsoft programs & computer-literate
  3. Must be willing to travel, scope, and bid projects of all processes
  4. Should understand NORM or be an RSO of 2+ years in environmental services
  5. Should promote team leadership; also give guidance to new employees
  6. Should promote a safe working environment at all times and conform to all PMI safety policies


Dockside Foreman

The PMI Dockside Foreman must meet minimum prerequisites of the PMI Tank c\Cleaning Technician Job Description and perform the following essential functions:

  1. Advise clients or customers
  2. Climb ladders, scaffolding, or utility or telephone poles
  3. Communicate technical information
  4. Complete time or attendance forms
  5. Drive automobile, van, or light truck
  6. Enter time sheet information
  7. Examine files or documents to obtain information
  8. File or retrieve paper documents and related materials
  9. Investigate customer complaints
  10. Maintain equipment service records
  11. Make decisions
  12. Move or fit heavy objects
  13. Plan or organize work
  14. Receive customer orders
  15. Use oral or written communication techniques
  16. Use time management techniques
  17. Work as a team member


PMI Tank Cleaning Technician

  1. Climb ladders, scaffolding, swing ropes
  2. Communicate technical information
  3. Communicate visually or verbally
  4. Complete time or attendance forms
  5. Conduct or attend staff meetings
  6. File or retrieve paper documents and related materials
  7. Follow safe waste disposal procedures
  8. Maintain records, reports, or files
  9. Make decisions
  10. Move or fit heavy objects
  11. Obtain information from individuals
  12. Plan or organize work
  13. Prepare reports for management
  14. Use health or sanitation standards
  15. Use oral or written communication techniques
  16. Use two-way radio or mobile phone
  17. Work as a team member
  18. Must use breathing respirator in confined spaces


Cleans interiors, storage tanks, industrial processing tanks, remove emulsion and incrustations, using shovels, squeegees, brooms, scrapers, hoses, water, and solvents with proper Personal Protective Equipment: Drains tank, connects hose to water or steam lines, and sprays walls, roof, and bottom of tank to flush residue, such as oil, acid, grease, and sludge through tank openings. Scrapes and scrubs walls, using detergents, solvents, scrapers, and brushes to remove incrustations, scale, or deposits of oilfield drilling materials. Sweeps up debris and shovels sludge into buckets or other material containers. Removes chemical residues and other liquids from tank bottoms with squeegees or pump and suction hoses. May dry tanks with portable air-drying equipment. May test gas atmosphere content of tanks. May add specified chemicals to industrial tanks to maintain and replenish tank processing solutions. May be designated according to type of tank cleaned as Acid-Tank Cleaner.