Lower Mid-Continent Focused Services

PMI Drilling Services division utilizes technology to consistently reduce downtime in marine fleets and drilling rigs, with a perpetual focus on waste minimization.


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Offshore Supply Vessel Tank Cleaning –
MudHog Automated System

Our automated Mud Tank Cleaning System is an innovative process for cleaning mud tanks on marine supply vessels.
MudHog Automated System advantages include:

  • • Reduced port time / downtime (typical cleaning job 24-48 hours)
    • Reduced wash water and flushing water sent for waste disposal
    • Reduced extensive man-hours in confined space
Rig Cleaning System

PMI has the experience, expertise and technology to provide customers with the highest quality of both conventional and automated rig cleaning services. We focus on lowering rig cost through reduction of downtime and waste minimization, with a goal to help expedite the demobilization of the rig.

Solids Control
  • • Multiple innovative waste management solutions to reduce drill cuttings haul-off and disposal volumes, while recovering drilling fluid for reuse in both onshore and offshore applications.
    • Processes are engineered to meet and exceed drilling expectations with contingency plans proposed to eliminate rig non-productive time (NPT).
    • Our annular cuttings box feed inlet design, used in conjunction with our DNV cuttings boxes, eliminates the need for flipping cuttings box lids on zero discharge projects offshore, allowing for increased Rates of Penetration (ROP) and drastically reducing the potential for HSE incidents.
    ° Drilling waste management
    ° Zero discharge
    ° Cuttings dryers to exceed NPDES requirements
    ° Cuttings conveyance vacuums& screw conveyors
    ° Centrifuges & shakers
    ° 100, 50, & 30 HP explosion proof rig vacuums
    ° Explosion proof, diesel-powered pressure washers & screen cleaners
Dry Bulk Tank Cleaning

PMI’s diverse fleet of mobile air movers provide our customers with a choice in waste containerization and disposal.

  • • Guzzler NX – recovers a wide range of materials including barite and cement
    • Vector VecLoader – discharges recovered materials directly into a supersack, vacuum box

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